Number of circular trains to increase

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Commuters are struggling to ride a circular train at Yangon Railway Station.

The number of circular trains will be increased for the convenience of passengers during the time when passengers are becoming accustomed to the new YBS bus lines, said the traffic manager from Division 7 of Myanma Railways.
Currently, over 80,000 people are using the circular trains in Yangon daily.
But the number of passengers taking circular trains has increased by over 16,000 beginning from 16 January. Myanma Railways now has three more trains for the six routes from Yangon to Toe Kyaung Galay and from Insein to Yangon.
Myanma Railways is upgrading the rail roads for the passengers to travel more conveniently with the circular trains.
Normally, Myanma Railways has 23 trains that make 215 round trips daily.



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