Nurture generations to become nation builders

Every country wishes for development. So, they are striving for enjoying the fruits of development. To be able to do so, the whole country needs to have peace and stability as well as the rule of law. In Myanmar, the government implements the five-point roadmap as its authentic aim for the entire people to enjoy peace, stability and the rule of law.
In so doing, the government focuses on the prosperity of the nation and food security while undertaking an act of strengthening the disciplined, multiparty democratic system. Moreover, preparations are being made to hold a free and fair multiparty democratic election in order to pave the way for the nation to reach its national goal.
In this regard, it is necessary to shape the country from generation to generation. Human resource is crucial for implementing the development projects one after another in the nation. Hence, everybody needs to realize that the education sector must be improved for the development of human resources. Actually, any country can be built by educated persons in order to stand tall among the global countries.
Currently, the government sets an education goal as the implementation of the KG+9 education scheme because middle school education is compulsory education for all school-age children. Only when the students complete the KG+9 education scheme will they have basic education to further learn vocational courses and vocational schools in order to operate businesses on their own with experiences and knowledge from the aforesaid courses.
In fact, schools must not be just a teaching avenue but these must be the locations where student youths must be taught ethics of citizen and social ethics in addition to various kinds of knowledge and critical thinking capacity.
Due to the heart-to-heart connection, educated youths can share their knowledge and experiences with other youths. If they all are in the same heart, they can do everything successfully. If so, they all will have the chance to enjoy the fruits of their endeavours. But, doing everything must be based on knowledge accumulated from experiences of the society and education learnt from the schools. Whatever it may be, both knowledge and education can be applied in nation-building endeavours.
Nurturing a generation can be defined as shaping the country in an era. Everything and every move must be beneficial for all. So, nurturing every youth must be beneficial for themselves as well as the whole nation. It is important that those youths must become well-versed in human resources as nation-builders.

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