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Nurture the youth, a reserved force for senior citizens

Not only school education but vocational education is of great importance in nurturing the youths who are a primary production force for the development of the nation to be capable and skilful in workplaces.
Depending on changes in the mainstream, youths should have to complete the school education at different levels as well as any techniques of vocational education in order to grasp the job opportunities. Especially, vocational education is most important for the youths who are weak in learning school education.
The Department of Cooperative is placing an emphasis on the establishment of the cooperative accounting vocational training centres which will give training to youths free of charge for accommodation, food supply and learning with guarantees to the youths for their life survival in earning incomes despite facing difficulties in completion of learning school education.
According to the information, the cooperative accounting vocational training centres which will provide business accounting, cost accounting, financial accounting, computerized accounting, business organization and management and cooperative accountancy to the youth trainees were simultaneously opened in Taunggyi, Magway, Pathein, Mawlamyine and Mandalay on 16 June.
The youths who have passed the eighth standard examination of basic education schools may join the training centres which are combined with the cooperative schools and the cooperative commercial schools.
Upon completion, the students who graduated from the training centres will be skilful in accounting with knowledge of basic accountancy, modern management and computer science. If they apply for the posts of relevant governmental organizations, cooperative shops and societies, non-governmental organizations and companies, the relevant training courses they have already pursued will surely contribute to their professions.
In fact, it is a great chance for today’s youths to have proper livelihoods for their lives in earning incomes for solving the needs of families. They have to continue further advanced studies to have more skilful and wider accountancy knowledge to become reliable ones for the State as well as their societies. Thanks to the chance for learning school education at these centres, the trainee youths will have a wider scope of knowledge in operating their jobs with initiatives and critical thinking.
Today’s youths are a reserved force of senior citizens in the future. Those youths will have to shoulder the greater duties of the nation at different levels. Endeavours of those youths from various strata at workplaces will be identified as a paramount contribution to the development of the nation.

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