Nurturing Flower Buds Not to Wither

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Very recently, juvenile offences, events and actions of unhappiness were heard on media and social website pages. Juvenile cases and problems should be dealt with great care. Being naïve in intellect and knowledge, it will be the best way that they are well-trained to become well-behaved ones by their parents, teachers, guardians and seniors.
    These days, disappointing news concerning with children are being talked about here and there. A case was filed against 3 children who happened to take K 300 from the donation cash-box. One of the two children whose parents absconded from home without paying debts was killed in the event of torture by the creditor. And, children in their early school age were also punished so that they may be mentally harmed. Above all, the worst thing is that innocent children were killed without any reasons.
    Some of the said children affairs were effectively solved by authorities concerned. Yet, due to lack of legal knowledge on rights and future of children, as for their parents and guardians, cases of negligence of children and violations over the minors are being still heard.
    Weakness of authorities concerned in dealing with the very recent case of three children who happened to have taken K 300 from the donation cash-box led to a furore among the public, as if taking out a pierced thorn by using an ax instead of a needle. An event of taking a legal action against a very small minor case done by children below mature age, made the public burst out their anger, staging a demonstration.
    As a matter of fact, we have had juvenile codes in the country. If needed, their offences are to be dealt with according to the prescription of juvenile codes. Under section 2/A of the juvenile code 1993, those under 16 are defined as children, while in section 2/B those under 18 above 16 defined to be youths. Being under 16 years of age, the above-said 3 children must be dealt with according to juvenile rights and codes.
    Children must be said to be the greatest investment of a country. Children must be corrected if they are found to have gone astray or mentally dissolute, if ever. If they are well cultivated since younger age, they will surely become trustworthy and reliable for their families, societies and country.
    If they are wrongly cultivated under fear and inferiority complex, they will wither. Any good results cannot turn out from them when they have grown up, as if buds are picked up or males are castrated. Then it will become a great worry for the country in future.
    Accordingly, parents, guardians, teachers and authorities concerned should prioritize protection, nurture and development of children.
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