NyaungU Tsp corn farmers make a profit despite Fall Armyworm invasion

Corn farmers in NyaungU Township of NyaungU District are continuing to cultivate corn in spite of a Fall Armyworm invasion as they are earning a good profit due to high demand, according to a grower.

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Maize crop plantation in NyaungU Township. 
Photo: Ko Htain (Ngathayauk)

Villages along the NyaungU-Myingyan-Pakokku road in NyaungU Township, Nyaung District comprise the corn belt, and farmers in the area solely cultivate different varieties of corns throughout the year.
“Growers are still cultivating corn though their fields were destroyed by the Fall Armyworm (FAW) the previous year,” said U Tin Win, a corn grower.
“With the corn market becoming stable due to high demand from corn brokers from rural regions, farmers made a profit in spite of the FAW problem,” according to U Min Nyo, a farmer from Taungphattan village.
Farmers also earned more profits by cultivating corn as it can be harvested quickly in just two months, said U Win Tin. “After two months, growers can pluck corns from the fields and sell them along the highway road,” he said.
“Most of the customers are people traveling on the highway and brokers from Myingyan, NyaungU, Ngathayauk, and Pakokku towns, and the Palin Kanthar elephant camp. Last year, the corn fields in NyaungU endured an FAW invasion, and most of them yielded poor-quality corn. However, corn is in high demand and corn fields are flourishing year after year. Some fields use river water and some use private wells for irrigation,” he added. —Ko Htain (Ngathayauk)

(Translated by La Wonn)

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