Nyaungyan style building to house world’s largest drum

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World’s largest drum is constructed in Indaw Township. Photo: Ko Min (Indaw)

Construction of a building to house the world’s largest drum has begun at the Raja Manisula Pagoda in Sagaing, according to the pagoda’s Board of Trustees.
“The building will be constructed in the style of the Nyaungyan Era. (1605-1752)Construction work started on 27 January,” said U Ni Tin, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
The work is scheduled to be completed by 20 March and the building is expected to cost around K 50 million, he added.
The building has been designed by well-known traditional architect U Win Maung, also know as Tampawadi U Win Maung.
Upon completion, the building will be 30 feet wide and 70 feet high.
According to Saya Pwel Myanmar Instrument Enterprise, the world’s biggest drum has been carved from Kokko (Albizia lebbeck) tree wood. The drum measures 128 inches in length and 64 inches in height. The face of the drum is about 54 inches in diameter. The drumhead, or drum skin, has been made from two layers of buffalo hide, while the drum’s ropes have been made from 18 sheets of cowhide.
Lord Buddha’s sermons and verses, and images of gods paying homage to Buddha’s footprint have been carved on the exterior of the drum.


—Ko Min (Indaw) (Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

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