Objective outlook on Human Rights

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • If we need to scrutinize, criticize and assess something, we are required to do objectively without any prejudice over it just after thinking in every way we like. Failing that, it would be an unreasonable criticism influenced by bias or unfairness.
    A press statement made by Ms. Yanghee Lee, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, on 21st July just after her mission ended in Myanmar was found to have included unsubstantiated allegations. As regards her statement, the Ministry of the Office of the State Counselor, Republic of the Union of Myanmar issued a press release regarding her statement that Myanmar was disappointed with the Special Rapporteur’s end of mission statement. Before her official visit to Myanmar, the UN Human Rights Council passed at its 34th Session passed a resolution that called for the dispatch of an international fact-finding mission to Myanmar. The resolution was based on unsubstantiated allegations. Additionally, the establishment of the fact-finding mission would do more to inflame, rather than resolve, the complex and challenging situation that confronts the country.
    Though it has been hoped that the statement of the Special Rapporteur would have taken into consideration the difficulties encountered in resolving the problems which are legacies of internal conflicts, isolation and underdevelopment piled up during several decades, the Special Rapporteur’s statement contained a lot of general allegations and many factual errors. Being a mission that came here with wrong opinions conceived initially, it issued a statement which was not acceptable to the Myanmar Government. In reality, it should make a correct assessment, as an international organization which represents the whole human society.
    It is regretful that the organization has neglected the national reconciliation and peace process of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which has been doing its best to bring peace and stability to the country against all odds. It is a fact that Myanmar has been cooperating with the United Nations. Regarding human rights, it should assess and decide based upon the actual situations in the whole country. The statement should be the kind which helps to find just solutions to the problem after studying actualities happening in the Rakhine State. Otherwise, it can be said to be just biased allegations made based on one-sided perspectives.
    Whatever it is, the emergence of a peaceful Democratic Federal Republic is the ultimate goal of Myanmar citizens. Forging a lasting nationwide peace is our first priority.
    The government is committed to building a Democratic Federal Republic based on the principles of freedom, equal rights, and justice for the whole populace including all national ethnic brethren.
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