Office of the State Counsellor releases statement expressing sadness over civilian casualties in Rakhine, Chin States

The Office of the State Counsellor has released a statement dated 21st April. Following is the full-text of the statement.
We greet with satisfaction and joy the news that on 19 April 2020, rice supplies have been delivered to the people of Paletwa Township who have been suffering severely from food shortages.
The Government will be implementing programmes for the relief and long-term development of Paletwa Township, Chin State, in step with improvements in the peace and security situation.
We pay tribute to the members of the Tatmadaw who have discharged their duties with courage and dedication, and sacrificed their lives to defend the lives and property of our people from the ULA/AA terrorist group, who have been engaged in destructive activities at this time when the Government, the people and well-wishers are all engaged in endeavours for the prevention, containment and cure of COVID-19.
We are deeply saddened to learn of civilian casualties in Rakhine and Chin States. The Union Government will provide all necessary help and support for casualties and their families.
The Union Government is resolved to continue with efforts to take the Peace Process, which aims at putting an end to the sufferings imposed by conflict on our people, to a successful conclusion.—MNA

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