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Officials explain current Myanmar situations to diplomats, UN agencies’ heads

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The MoIC Union Minister clarifies the current Myanmar development.

A brief presentation on the current development of Myanmar to diplomats and heads of UN agencies was held in Yangon yesterday.
During the meeting, the Union Minister for International Cooperation first briefed them on the current progress in Myanmar.
Then, the State Administration Council Chairman’s advisory board member Dr Salai Ngun Cung Lian presented matters pertaining to taking State’s responsibilities by SAC according to the stipulations of the 2008 Constitution, holding of a free and fair multiparty general election in line with the 2008 Constitution and transferring State power to elected winning party in accord with the democratic norms.
After the meeting, the attendees viewed round the work plans and findings in voting lists of current UEC and the seized riot weapons, including homemade arms displayed at the meeting hall. —MNA

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