Old bullets found in Aungtharya Village, Maungtaw

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Hundreds of old bullets dug up near Aungtharya Village, Maungtaw.

Around 385 old bullets were dug up in Aungtharya Village, Maungtaw District on 30 and 31 March.
On the evening of 30 March, Auntharya Village residents Maung Nay Myo Htun and Maung Kyaw Htay Aung were searching for a location to set up a bird trap when they discovered 310 bullets in what they assumed was a bird’s nest on the side of a hill to the south of the village.
Afterwards on the morning 31 March, they continued digging up the same area and discovered 75 more old bullets.
The bullets are thought to be Point-303 rifle bullets used back in 1942. The bullets have been sent to Arms and Ammunition Troop for careful inspection.


Ramanya, Tin Soe

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