Old rice paddy fetches K8,000 per basket in Bamauk Township


The old paddy is offered at K8,000 per basket in Bamauk Township, Katha District of Sagaing Region, allowing the farmers to earn a healthy profit.
The rice crop was earlier priced at only K4,000 per basket. This year, the traders bought the rice crop at K6,500-8,000 per basket and so, the farmers are doing financially okay.
“The brokers purchased the paddy with the oversized basket last year and the farmers do not earn a handsome profit with the input cost. The rise in price this year allows them to earn for livings. The fresh rice crop is priced K5,000 per basket for now,” said U Min Oo, a farmer from Sinkan village.
This year, about 80 to 100 baskets are reaped per acre. There are more than 4,000 farming acres in Bamauk Township. The residents prefer Chin 3 paddy varieties, according to the Agriculture Department.
The floor price of the paddy which meets the prescribed criteria: 14-per-cent moisture content and a fixed percentage of impurities such as sand, weed, and small stones are set at K540,000 per 100 baskets (one basket is equivalent to 46 pounds). The committee for the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Interests of Farmers has notified the brokers of purchasing the rice at K540,000 if the price will fall below the floor price. — Ni Toe/GNLM

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