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One-day pass allowed through Myawady-Mae Sot Bridge I

The Myawady-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge I allows travellers to pass the border from 6 am to 6 pm only with a One-Day Border Pass.
Myawady- Mae Sot Friendship Bridge I reopened on 12 January and allowed people from the two countries to cross and re-enter their respective countries before 6 pm.
Currently, travellers to Mae Sot are allowed to stay until 6 pm in Mae Sot, and visitors to Myawady are allowed only to travel in the Myawady area. Myanmar people were before allowed to stay in Mae Sot, Thailand for seven days with temporary passports from Myawady.
In order to get a border pass, people from Myanmar will have to pay a fee of K2,000 and only registered passenger vehicles can pass through the bridge. — TWA/MKKS

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