One injured in terrorist attack with homemade mine in Bilin

belin case NS
Zarni Tun(injured). A homemade mine.

A man was injured in an explosion while planting a homemade mine on 6 May in Bilin Township, Mon State.
The incident took place at around 2:45 pm at the passenger lounge on Myothit road in Bogyoke Aung San ward in Taungzun town, Bilin Township. According to the report, the security forces searched and found Zar Ni Tun, 23, son of U Win Myint, wounded in his left eye, hands and abdomen, with a piece of a plastic bottle wrapped in red tape and scraps of metal.
While the injured person was being taken to the hospital, security forces confiscated two 3.7 volt batteries, one lighter, one phone charger and one Bluetooth earphone. He is being charged for allegedly planting a homemade mine while carrying out a terrorist attack on the passenger lounge. — MNA

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