One year performance of Bago Region Government

President U Htin Kyaw looking around the systematic planting of annual crops in the field of Shwedaung Township. Photo: MNA

Hanthawaddy International Airport, now under construction is a state project that will come up with the benefits not only for the Bago Region but also for the country.
Bulldozing work for the road skirting the airfield is now 80% finished. The construction works will begin after the final agreement contract is signed in December,2017.
Job Opportunity
“Regional Government can carry out the works for both local and foreign investors to be able to start their operation at the industrial zones of Bago and Pyay District with a view to increase the job opportunities. The Hanthawaddy International Airport Project is under the concerted management of the Union Government and the Bago Region Government. The project when finished, will produce more job opportunities” said U Win Thein, Chief Minister of Bago Region.
In order to attain all-round development in all socioeconomic sectors in accordance with economic policy set by the state, the Region Government is undertaking the works concerning with the balanced development among the agricultural, fishery and industrial sectors, the rapid development of infrastructures, to support and encourage the small and medium scale enterprises, the development of health and education sectors, and conservation of natural environment.
The Region Government is now striving to put the budget spending system up to the international norms and to bring about the collective effort of government and community for the development of health and education sectors in cooperation with World Bank, UNDP and UKAID.
Surplus Money 33,139 million kyats
With the assistance of international organizations, management program, for the small-scale farmers to get access to the advanced farming systems and the firm market and finance are now implemented. Systematic control on expenditures of the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors resulted in the surplus of 33139 million kyats and other 90 works could be carried out with that surplus money.
“28 People-centered study departments were opened at the 28 townships to switch the agricultural sector to a new chapter after a long spell under the conventional methods. The region agricultural department could address the insufficiency of the seeds for the farmers by creating the new seed-producing farming plots. Department of Mechanized farming can also find 350 acres of high quality farm plot for the farmers in time. 38 Electric pumping projects are revoked as it deemed not effective” Explained U Win thein, Chief Minister of Region Government.
Capicity building courses were initiated to the ward/village administrators in all townships  aiming at changing the system of administration at grass root level and the mind set of the administrators. The talks pertaining to the democratic practices could be given at the departmental meetings and during the trip for region development.
In the respect of rule of law, the Regional Government could have solved the religious conflict occurred at Thaye Thamein village of Waw Township on 23 June 2016.  173 people were arrested and sent to trial for the criminal offence of possessing hashish, amphetamine tablets and raw poppy in Bago Region in 2016.
Concerning the law making, Region Government could manage to pass the Bill of Region  Development Law of Bago Region as Hluttaw Law No.4. and now drawing the By-Law is under way and will be issued in due course of time. Draft of the Bill for Home Industry of Bago Region is also under scrutiny and assessment at Region Hluttaw.

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Electricity of the region is well provided by generators. Photo: MNA

Housing that meets the set standard
Housing Projects for government service personnel are being built and housing for ordinary people are under planning to be built in the region.
“The law of supervision on construction works is now being drafted in coordination with the international professionals with a view to be able to control and supervise the construction works in the region to make them meet the designated specifications.” continued U Win thein, Chief Minister of Region Government.
In 2016-17 financial year, the Region Government carried out the upgrading of roads from gravel road to tarred road, widening of tarred roads from 12 feet to 18 feet , repaving the 12 feet-wide tarred roads, building the 49 reinforced concrete bridges and 54 culvert bridges. 240 apartments were also implemented for the government service staffs.
Two embankments that were breached by heavy rains and flood in the previous monsoon season were maintained back to the safe condition spending about 545 million kyats. 1016 million kyats and reserved paddy seeds 16,000 baskets were provided to the farmers for their losses of paddy plantations due to the inundation in consequence of the extraordinarily heavy rain in 2016-17.
Out of 1207 cases complaining to the Scrutinizing Committee for Confiscated Farm Lands and Other Lands 881 cases were devolved to District/Township Scrutinizing Committee for Confiscated Farm Lands and Other lands for further investigation and scrutinizing. 71 cases has been investigated and decided with 46 cases remained to undergo further investigation.
Switch in Action
Works are under way to draw a By-law for switching from Conventional Agriculture to Commercial Agriculture that will facilitate the procedures of investment in agricultural sector.
Educating the farmers with technical aid materials on how to use refined seeds in their private-owned farm lands with intention for them to be able to make profits from their farms. Besides those works, illegally imported insecticides and chemical fertilizers were deterred and arrested.
The Region Electricity Supply Enterprises, in procuring the required materials and equipments such as transformers, cables and related materials, employed the tender system resulting in securing the quality products and saving a sumptuous amount of money which can be used in other required works in future.
In the power supply section, the Bago Region Chief Minister has injected K2.9 billion, which are in  surplus in the first fiscal year of the government due to new business model with tender system, into the upgrading the cables and installation of new cables under the electrification plan for the villages.
Meanwhile, Bago Region Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation seized more than 6,000 tons of timber in the 2016-2017 fiscal year and the ministry arranged for using the seized woods in building schools, hospitals, bridges and departmental and public buildings.
Elephant Camps
Myanma Timber Enterprise suspended the timber extraction in the Bago Yoma and established elephants camps for public recreation namely Wingabaw Elephant  Camp in Payagyi, Phokyar Elephant Camp in Toungoo, and Hmawsayargyi Elephant Camp and Myainghaywun Elephant Camp near the Mile Post 105 on the Yangon-Mandalay Highway.
Besides, Bago Region Government also took actions two gangs of poachers in the region in the one-year period as part of efforts for protection of wildlife.
Besides, in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year, the Bago Region Government granted 1,804 land lease permissions in 28 villages.
The Bago Region Government is working to turn the Moeyungyi Wetland wildlife sanctuary, which is located about 70 miles north of Yangon by the Yangon-Mandalay highway in Waw Township, Bago Region, into a eco-tourism site.
The regional government is also working together with international organizations for the development of Bago and Sittaung basins.
In the education sector, the regional government has opened more than 170 schools for basic and middle level in villages in the one-year period.
National-level political dialogues in Bago
Success of the regional-level national political dialogue with the participation of representatives of the ethnic peoples residing in Bago Region can be seen as the another achievement of the Bago Region Government.
The outcomes of the dialogue will be submitted to the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong.
Bago Region Government has relaxed some rules and regulations in order to provide the people with the rule of law and better socio-economy.

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