Onion price drops by half this year

The price of onion has dropped by half this year compared to the same period of last year, according to the onion commodity depot from Yetamar Road.
On 6 November 2020, the price of Seikphyu species onion ranged from K800 to 950-1000 per viss in Yangon wholesale market depending upon the size while some onion commodity depots are selling the onion for K800-925-950 per viss, according to the onion depot.
In the same period last year, the price of onion was K1,300-2,000-2,200-2,300 per viss in the onion wholesale market. Therefore, this year onion price has declined by half compared to that of last year in Yangon market.
Although Bangladesh is highly in need of onion for its domestic consumption, the country is still closing its border areas for fear of the pandemic. Myanmar onions are sent to the border areas via a land route, but they could not reach Bangladesh.
The onions are not usually sent via sea routes because the onions are damaged by long shipping days.
A viss of wholesale onion dropped to K700-K850-K950 on 17 October from K 800-K12,00-K1,250 on 2 October in Yangon market. The price of a viss of onion has downed to K700-K800-K900 on 23 October. However, the onion price rose a bit to K800-K975-K1,000 per viss on 4 November.
Earlier, around 150,000 visses of onion are daily entering Yangon onion market. Now, only approximately 100,000 visses of onion reach daily these days, according to the onion market.
Last month, I bought the onion for K1,400 per viss from Yangon retail market. These days, I have to buy the onion for K1,200 per viss, said a housewife from Pazundaung township.
This 2020 summer onion is sold mainly in the domestic market, and the price of onion is standing still.
Local onion traders are expecting onion prices to rise again when they can resume export to Bangladesh as border trade is returning to normalcy. Freshly harvested onions normally arrive in Yangon market in December.—Maung Say Aung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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