Onion price soars as export plunges

Labourers carrying sacks of onions on their shoulders.  Photo: Phoe Khwar
Labourers carrying sacks of onions on their shoulders. Photo: Phoe Khwar

Onion export plunged down in September due to high price compared to August’s export volume, according to Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization (Myantrade).
The export price of onion climbed up at Muse border gate with the onion price in domestic market soaring. Onion export fetched 1,950 Yuan in August whereas the price peaked to a high of 3,500 Yuan in September.
In September, over 3,750 tons of onions were exported through Muse, which plunged from August’s export volume of over 5,720 tons.
On 4 October, six trucks loaded 96 tons of onions enter Muse trade zone, with minimum price of 3,100 Yuan and the highest of 3,350 Yuan.
The onion price hike in domestic market was attributed to low supply in September as unseasonal rain this year caused flooding in the onion plantations. — GNLM

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