Onion prices increase by Ks 100 per viss in Pakokku market attributed to increase in demand from all regions

Onion prices reach Ks 600 per viss due to the high demand of merchants.  Photo: Thet Maung (IPRD)
Onion prices reach Ks 600 per viss due to the high demand of merchants. Photo: Thet Maung (IPRD)

Although surplus supplies of onions are seen in the Pakokku market, the price of onions has increased by Ks 100 per viss (3.6 pounds), and reached Ks 800 per viss, according to the Pakokku onion market.
During the third week of September, onion prices reached some Ks 700 per visse, due to surpluses and low demand in all regions. The price online increased again at the end of September.
On 27 September, about 100,000 visses of onion entered the market. At that time, the price of onions reached Ks 825-830 for large ones, Ks 780-800 for middle sized onions and Ks 725-760 for small sized onions. “The price of onions has increased these days, compared to earlier days. Onion prices have increased in Yangon market. So, the price of onions has also increased in other regions. Recently, we were selling at around Ks 700 per viss, and now we sell them at Ks 825 per viss. There are many merchants in the Pakokku market. The onion season is almost over. The price of onions has significantly increased from 20 September,” said a local merchant from Pakokku market.
Meanwhile, onion growers are facing losses as a result of low prices. But local growers are selling their onions at low prices before the harvest of new onion crops.
The price of onions was around Ks 400 per viss when the onion market began. Now, onion prices reached Ks 600 per viss due to the high demand of merchants.
In 2018, onion prices reached around Ks 2,000 per viss in the market. Now, in 2019, the price of onions has fallen below Ks 700 per viss.
Most of the onions from Yar Chaung region are sold in the Pakokku market. Myanmar exports domestically produced onions, especially to China and Thailand.—Aye Maung (Translated by Haymar)

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