Onion prices still on uptick trend

The onion prices become higher day by day, according to the wholesale centre.
On 20 July, a total of 270,000 visses of onion entered the Yangon market at high prices. On that day, the Seikpyu onion was priced at K1,300-1,550-1,750-1,850 per viss while K1,400-1,650-1,850-1,950 per viss of Monywa onion, K1,400-1,750-1,850-2,000 per viss of Myingyan onion. Between 24 June and 16 July, it was only K1,700-1,800 per viss of large size onion.
On 18 July, it was K1,400-1,650-1,800-1,950 per viss of Monywa onion, K1,250-1,550-1,650-1,750 per viss of Seikpyu onion, K1,300-1,600-1,750-1,850 per viss of Myingyan onion. Within two market days, it rose about K200 per viss.
On 16 July, it was K1,350-1,650-1,750-1,850 per viss of Monywa onion, K1200-1450-1575-1700 per viss of Seikpyu onion and K1,300-1,500-1,600-1,700 per viss of Myingyan onion.
The highest onion price was only K1,300 per viss in Seikpyu wholesale centre and it was K1,500 per viss on 16 July. In Pakokku wholesale centre, the price of Yaw onion was K1,350 per viss and on 19 July, it was K1,500 and the price of Pale rose to K1,625 from K1,525 per viss.
In 2022, the people predict that the onion production rate can drop by half and the price may be K2,000 per viss in the countryside.
The Pakokku wholesale centre received 10.3million viss of onion during the first- six months of 2022. The dealers said the leftover onion will be about 4.5 million visses in the countryside.
About 100,000 visses of onion entered the Bayintnaung market daily and about 3 million visses about 25 days after the opening of the wholesale centre.
During the first six months of 2022, about 20 million visses of onion entered the Yangon market. During such a period, the market received 4.2 million visses of onion in January 2022, and 3.6 million visses in June. In the second six-month term, if the local leftover amount is low, the cheap foreign onion might enter the Yangon market.
In 2020, the onion price was below K1,000 per viss in the country. The people bought onion at K600/700 per viss from onion trucks, said housewives in Yangon. — TWA/GNLM

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