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Onion sales slack, prices remain unchanged in countryside and Yangon


The onion transaction is slack in monsoon and the prices are stable in the countryside and Yangon, said onion purchaser Ko Hla Win.
The Seikphyu onion was priced at K800/900 per viss and only K1,100/1,200 per viss of Myittha summer onion between March-May 2022 when the summer onion with the highest transactions in the local commodity market (Yangon) entered the market. The onion prices rose in certain regions as there was demand from Viet Nam by the end of May.
In the Yangon market, the Seikphyu onion was priced at K1,000 per viss on 2 June and it rose to K1,500 per viss on 9 June. It was K1,900 per viss of Seikphyu onion and K2,100 per viss of Monywa onion on 15 June. However, the sales are slack in some regions to export to Viet Nam and the price dropped again to K1,100/1,200 per viss of small size onion and only K1,700/1,800 per viss of large size onion. The price did not change until 13 July, according to the Yangon onion market.
If there are over 150 million visses of onion for local consumption and export in the first seven months of 2022, there would be over 50 million visses left within the next five months before the new monsoon onion season, said an onion market analyst. During the five months, the onion can be exported in addition to the local consumption. — TWA/GNLM

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