Online-Orientated Jobs Popular With Today’s Youths

  • By Khin Yadanar
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Busying himself all day long with the photos and video files taken along the trip, a lad will get wages equivalent to US $ 50 just by posting about the experiences with these photos attached, online. He is a blogger named Ko Phyo Wai Win who is writing itinerary reviews and introductory remarks on commodities online. He recounted, “Our start-up investment for the job is our technical know-how. We had to make photos more attractive and we had to present stories about our trips for readers to become more interested in what we want to say. These days, people would not like to read much any longer, so we had to present about the trips, short to the point. Occasionally, some companies sponsored us for trips whereas some companies commissioned us to introduce their commodities with customers. We had to write reviews on commodities. Sometimes, we had to write about organizations and institutions. Nowadays, it is a very popular job.”
It can be said to be a self-employed job. Simultaneously, youths are more becoming interested in the job as they have an access to get extra-income from part-time jobs while working household chores or studying. In global countries as well, people chose this jobs as extra income sources, to cover household expenses or tuition fees.
Ko Maung Maung Myo, a blogger who are sharing knowledge on technology said, “Some have thought that it is a very easy way to earn by writing online. In fact, we found it difficult frequently. I have got 4 web pages of my own, through which I earn money. It is not the authorized selling depot, but it is beneficial for me as well as my customers. I tried my best by writing what I enthusiastically want to write, so as to attract my customers. With the increasing amounts of readers, customers are coming automatically.”
Popularity of drawing pictures, sale of songs and photographic industry through online had reached for more than one-year period, becoming an online market. Sharing between fan pages also can fetch extra incomes, it was learnt. Ko Ye Htut, a third-year university student majoring in English recounted, “In the past, there used to be kind of selling games, just for fun. Later, music and lyrics had been sold out, and it worked to considerable extent, apart from some difficulties. Out of being unable to have ours patented, we had to be satisfied with meager amounts. At present, due to lack of official restrictions for online businesses, there are many advantages and disadvantages in running the task.”
According to the operators running businesses, time of decision to launch the private business is of great importance and it will be much beneficial by preparing in advance, since before launching. Ko Phyo Wai Win disclosed, “I invest time in my job, travelling twice a week. I collected cameras and recorder for my trips. I had to look for facts beforehand, concerning what I must write. For example, if a kind of flower will be an attraction of the region I will go, I would have read it thoroughly. In taking photos or shooting a video, I had to think much as to how I will present the flower so as to attract my audience,” adding Ko Phyo Wai Win that those desirous of finding start-up capitals for setting up their private businesses can contact with Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association, Myanmar Entrepreneurship Association and other organizations for monetary aids as well as for helpful advices.
These helps can be obtained by submitting to banks and other small loan disbursement organizations to implement new ideas on setting up business. Ko Maung Maung Myo explained in detail, “In the past, it was difficult to get start-up capitals needed for setting up a business. Now, it is getting easier than before. But, there are still some restrictions left to be reduced. Compared to previous conditions, acquisition of loans, interest rates and mortgage systems are found to be more convenient these days. There are many institutions which will help. Economic plan for the business needs to be submitted, together with application forms. Provided that submitted plans are reasonable and excellent for implementation, availability of loans is possible. Now is the time for helping expansion of SMEs, everything are becoming better. As for me, I officially applied for getting online market, hence the convenience for me to get loan.”
Ko Kyaw San Oo, proprietor of Unique Computer Business said, “Our country really lags much behind others. Obviously enough, our preceding generations are found much illiterate concerning with information technology. Accordingly, linking economy with techniques is very weak on the nationwide scale. Now we are entering the IT era. Online marketing is occupying broader than ever. Technology is the major necessity for all. Being a graduate on computer, I had ever written many a software. I found it that not easy to fully apply IT as far as I know. I assume it as a great challenge for youths. We do not have enough infrastructures needed for dealing with solutions. On the consumer side as well, it is not yet ready. There are still many who do not know well about e-commerce. Here in the country, most know about face-book only. These days, people are found using face-book as the economic platform. In the years to come, youths are thought to be able to earn money through online markets.”
Ko Maung Maung Myo pointed out, “If we start writing blogs or reviews or something, there will be others who will follow us. If they have same ideas like us, very often they are likely to supersede us. At that time we need to think about when we will retreat or when we will change our way. This is a challenge for youths from online jobs.”
Online blogger named “Ko Myet Hlyaw,” also recounted, “ There are many youths who gained success from online initiatives while writing reviews or remixing music, posting humorous writings, composing music and lyrics and drawing pictures. Once, a young girl became very famous by writing reviews. But as she excessively prioritized her own profits, supports from her customers faded away gradually, thus disappearing from online job finally.
According to the International Labor Organization, vocational skills are of great importance for youths in developing countries, and 60 percent of all jobs can be easily accomplished provided that each and every one of youths will have mastered in their specialized subject.
“It is the best job for those without startup capitals for private business to earn money from online jobs. But, in our country there are still weakness and difficulties such as rightful ways and means, legal requirements and disciplines for them. Here in Myanmar, we cannot auction a kind of music of our own creation. We cannot yet penetrate into the international monetary market. Payment system for the music we sold out is still very weak, as it is. Only if leading individuals or organizations will emerge will latent online businessmen of great promise appear. For the time being, persons who can make attractive presentations with stylish writings are earning money ranging from US $ 20 to 300. It is of great importance for youths to effectively use online pages,” asserted by Ko Phyo Wai Win.

Translated by
Khin Maung Oo

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