Online platform grants 7,433 import/export licences in two months


The Trade Department with the Ministry of Commerce has issued US$12.777 billion worth 7,433 import/export licences through the online platform over the past two months, to ensure smooth trade amid the coronavirus outbreak.
The ministry has launched the online licencing system for export and import businesses starting from 1 April, with a view to reduce the person-to-person contact and mitigate the spread of viral disease. This being so, under the new service, the process of licence applications, fee payment and receiving licences can be done online. The trade department offers an online system for over 700 types of export/import items, including CMP garment and necessary import items such as pharmaceuticals and related items, hospital equipment, foodstuffs, fertilizers, palm oil and oil products, milk and dairy products, electronic devices, fuel oil, lubricants, motorbikes and bicycles, agricultural products, lead, sugar, natural gas and other products. Licence applications can be processed on The companies need to sign up membership, and application fee can be paid with the MCB eCommerce Pay of the Myanmar Citizens Bank. Additionally, the MPU eCommerce pay started on 8 May 2020.
The Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce has been granting reliefs to facilitate trade amid the pandemic period.
Following the coronavirus impacts, the validity of importer and exporter registration that will expire between 27 April and 30 July 2020 has been extended until 30 July, according to the notice of the Trade Department. Moreover, the ministry has exempted licence fees on pharmaceuticals and medical raw materials. The value of Myanmar’s export to foreign countries as of 12 June 2020 since October 2019 has exceeded $12.37 billion which is up by $518 million compared with the corresponding period of last year. Similarly, import values also showed an increase of $1.38 billion against a-year ago period, crossing $14 billion. — Ko Khant (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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