Only new membership cardholders allowed to enter commodity depot beginning from 1 April

Only the new membership cardholders will be allowed to enter the commodity depot for trading beginning from 1 April, according to a statement of the Yangon Region Chambers of Commerce and Industry (YRCCI) Yangon on 5 January.
The YRCCI (Bayintnaung Commodity Exchange) held its 25th annual general meeting on 21 December 2018. According to the association rules approved by the meeting, all association members have to pay in the annual fees. So, those members who have not paid the yearly expenses of K30,000 should continuously pay in the annual fees for 2020 and pay in the annual fees for 2021.
However, the Bayintnaung Commodity Exchange was closed in 2020 for many days because of prevention and control measures of COVID-19 pandemic. So, the association members have been exempted from paying in the annual fees for 2020 under the management meeting of the association held on 4 January. But, the annual fees for 2021 will be collected.
Those who have already paid in for the annual fees for 2020 do not need to pay in for 2021 and only exchange the new membership cards. Those who have not paid in for 2020 are needed to pay for 2021 and exchange the new membership cards, according to the announcement of YRCCI on 5 January. Therefore, the members must return their old membership cards. The association has also urged the members to take out the new member cards and pay in the annual fees not later than 31 March 2021. — Thiri (Translated by Hay Mar)

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