Only Peace is of Great Importance

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The New Year has come in. May the whole world be peaceful!
Padauk trees (Gum-Kino) are yellow with their flowers, covering the green leaves with a tapestry of golden filigree. Due to the slight breeze, not only flowers but also their leaves and upper parts of the branches are covering the streets. They are yellowish flowers and green leaves.
People could feel the whole surrounding become cool after suffering from the burning heat of previous days. The sweet scent of the earth welcomed the New Year. The downpour cleansed the dusty streets covered with dried leaves and made the leaves on trees turn green. The whole world seemed to be bright with the color of golden padauk flowers and it became cool as the temperature climbed down.
The Thingyan Rains which brought about the atmosphere of the storm. The rain clouds rose gradually and poured down suddenly.
The world’s political climate is showing signs of wars, with some nations proud of their possession of nuclear weapons. Although there is a slight possibility of a world war, it is difficult for anyone to predict with certainty whether it will actually take place or not.
Mr Donald Trump, President of the US ordered to bombard Syria, and dropped a huge bomb in Afghanistan. Now, North Korea and America are monitoring and watching each other’s moves on a daily basis. Korea and Japan are on alert, preparing for imminent dangers, deploying their forces and getting their weapons ready. It can be seen that China and Russia are assessing and deciding on which side they should stand.
All are getting ready for war, not standing at ease. People across the world have no alternative but to pray to the Gods of their respective religions for reason and caution to prevail, sighing slowly.
Generally speaking, no one is desirous of wars, except for those who benefit from wars and those who are filled with hatred and rage. They have no reason to like bellicose deeds. In such a time when cutting-edge technology develops enormously, it is more dreadful. Various kinds of weapons, weapons of mass-destruction, chemical weapons and bio-chemical weapons are so disgusting. Just a spark of flame can destroy the whole world.
At this time when the whole world is greatly distressed, our Myanmar people have more reason to hope for peace. They have been living under the stress of internal conflicts, so they do not need more stress, especially the stress of an impending conflict in Asia.
Myanmar people have been longing for peace for years, still hoping for equality, unity and democratic rights.
We pray to Buddha for storms of war and danger to be blown away and for our people to have the opportunity to develop and live in peace and their desires to be fulfilled.
May the forces of peace gain success and may the leaders who are in possession of these powerful and deadly weapons be blessed with clarity of thought, compassion and the ability to make sound decisions in favor of peace for the whole world.

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