Only we can choose our leader

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One of the definitions concerning the word, “leader,” in dictionaries is meant for a person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a country, an organization, etc. Here, we need to think about leaders deeply. Leaders are born out of the public. Outstanding leaders have emerged in Myanmar throughout history. These leaders had different kinds of abilities and capacities. According to the laws of nature, a person who exudes Metta( loving-kindness) will get back the same in return from others. A leader who is willing and ready to sacrifice his life, if needed, devoting himself to the wellbeing of the people will gain people’s metta. People designated Bogyoke Aung San as our national leader for his simple way of life, genuine attitudes toward the country and its people, zealous efforts for gaining Independence and brilliant leadership. No one but the people conferred him the Title. No one can get people’s love by means of arms or money.
We chose Bogyoke Aung San as our national leader, but he could not give us a worthy successor. He himself had not been required to and did not decide who out of three children born to them who should succeed him. Though it is nearly 70 years that Myanmar gained her Independence, nationwide peace cannot yet be achieved, in spite of the efforts that had been made by successive governments to gain peace. A good leader needs to have good followers. Accordingly our people, our forefathers, followed Bogyoke Aung San’s leadership and they acquired the Independence they aspired to. Yet, in our days we yielded to the suppression of the then governments, having to live in the backwater of human rights, or democracy. Being frightened, we had had the government we deserved. In 1987-1988 or so, people’s endurance reached the climax on the totem pole, and people overthrew the government. The uprising made the then youths love truth and yearn for good governance. However, they needed a good leader who could lead the whole populace. Fortunately enough, there emerged respectable leaders and the leader assumed to bring about the fruits for our future, who can lead us — most of the whole populace. Our national leader, Bogyoke Aung San did not give us a worthy leader as desired by him. We ourselves recognized our worthy leader on our own.
It is natural for the new breed of political leaders to take the place of the dying breed of elder statesmen one day. Young but medium level educated-and-inexperienced politicians in our country are strong-minded. In my opinion, we need such kinds of people in our country, especially in such a time of building up a nation. Being qualified is better than being certified, especially in our country, because our poor education systems produced myriad amounts of graduates and post graduates in the past 50 years or so. We should stop and think if we were really qualified for the degrees we had already got. Education or knowledge can be acquired through books. But, knowledge cannot come into our minds just by sitting in a library all the time. Knowledge acquired from books can help fortify our spirits, beliefs, judgments and intellects, broaden our visions, change our mindsets and become a well-qualified person or leader. As for me, I want our leaders-to-be to read a lot, so as not to be called naïve by those who will always blame others. We are watching your abilities, capacities and simplicity. We will designate you as worthy successors, on behalf of our great leader.

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