Open a new book in history with Panglong Spirit

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  • All indigenous people residing in Myanmar should have Union Spirit and nationalistic fervor and are obliged to defend the union. Our Union was established with the sacrifice of many lives, so we have the responsibility to protect this union to last forever. Since time immemorial, our ancestors have passed down the Union Spirit from generation to generation and guarded the Union. Without the Union Spirit, we cannot protect our country.
    We must value our union. The main strength to protect our union should be our sense of duty. The reason to believe in Union Day, which falls on 12 February, when the Panglong Agreement was signed 71 years ago, is to achieve peace for all. Peace is the cause we believe in.
    This was a truly significant day in our history when national unification was achieved only through the negotiations by the nation’s leader General Aung San and ethnic leaders with their vision of ethnic expectations, interests and challenges. With hopes of independence, equality and fairness, they signed the Panglong agreement with patience and harmony.
    The Panglong spirit can come alive again by democratic discussion and can result in a true Democratic Federal Republic. As the 20th Century Panglong spirit leads to national reconciliation, the 21st century Panglong spirit can lead to internal peace, democracy and a federal union.
    Therefore, as a way to keep the Panglong spirit alive, let’s create a new place that is safe both physically and mentally for the people standing with dignity in the world, based on national reconciliation. The people of the country will observe Union Day and pay respects at the Panglong Monument not only to the 20th Century Panglong, but also to the 21st Century Panglong. The Panglong Monument is the symbol of the Union and symbol of the national efforts of those who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of the people.
    It is very important for all the nationalities to equally participate in promoting national unity and keep the Union in perpetuity.
    The first Panglong Agreement turned a page in the history of our union, and our people remember it to this day. We deeply request all Union citizens to open a new book in our history, and not be satisfied with just turning a page.
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