Our cultural heritage on global list is a matter of dignity

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  • The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw passed the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Regions Law on 28 February. The new law was drafted as the previous law passed in 1998 no longer suited the current requirements. The new law guarantees conservation and preservation of Myanmar’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
    Thus, we need to explore the hidden traditions and culture of ethnic people.
    The people of Myanmar are duty-bound to preserve our cultural heritage, and thanks to preservation efforts undertaken by the previous generations, the cultural heritage of the indigenous people has survived to this day.
    The cultural heritage sites spread across the country are something to be proud of. Man set foot in Myanmar even before the pre-historic times, and the country has a long history and possesses a rich heritage, which is yet to be researched.
    It is the duty of our people to conserve our heritage sites, before they can be systematically researched with the use of modern technology.
    With the passing of the new law, all people concerned are urged to participate in cultural and historical development tasks in the States and Regions, help formulate policy to draw up rules and regulations for research works so they are conducted in line with the needs of local people, work to preserve and explore ethnic culture and traditions at heritage sites in cultural zones.
    The government is committed to placing Bagan in central Myanmar and MyaukU in Rakhine State on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
    The stone inscriptions at the Maha Lawka Marazein Kuthotaw Pagoda in Mandalay, the Myazedi (Yazakuma) stone inscriptions, and ancient Pyu cities have also been included in the list.
    Earlier, the government had submitted the old bill to UNESCO to fulfil the requirements for getting sites declared as Cultural Heritage Areas on the World Heritage Sites list. However, the earlier law no longer conforms with the current conditions.
    The new law for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage will help ensure Bagan is added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
    If and when our heritage zone is declared a global heritage site, one invisible benefit will be that it will add to our national dignity.
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