Our hands are resolutely joined in harmony

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10 January was a joyous day for Kachin State. It marks the 71st anniversary of the Kachin State Day, the day when our ethnic brothers and sisters are happily reunited in the celebrations. State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi attended the celebrations for the Kachin State Day, and showed us that she stands with the ethnic nationals of the State.
Happiness and goodwill are byproducts of peace. If the entire country were enveloped in happiness and mutual affection, there would be no reason for it to not be peaceful.
If we could foster understanding and deep connections with each other to build peace, then development would surely follow. Strong relationships among our people will, without a doubt, allow the entire country to develop swiftly and uniformly.
At the 71st Kachin State Day ceremony, the State Counsellor said: “The responsibility of systematically bringing about a firm and solid situation in ten years’ time, as President U Win Myint said, rests on each and every one of us.
The first step is the most important one to be taken on a journey. Let me remind you that the first step we took to establish a strong and developed Union is the step towards peace.”
If all ethnic nationals cooperate with trust in the peace process then development will emerge as surely as a fish takes to water. The Union government will be able to fulfill the wishes of all ethnic nationals as quickly as possible.
In her meeting with representatives of organizations, religious leaders, and ethnic nationals in Kachin State, the State Counsellor said she was not one to make a promise and not deliver. She said when she gave a promise she saw it through to the end. She said she only makes promises she is certain of accomplishing. She said the Union government was implementing procedures in other states and regions on an equal footing.
Trust and transparency among the people are positive signs for the country. It is heartening to see people from different religions and races coexisting peacefully and openly in Kachin State.
This is an example of the Union spirit that exists in the hearts of all our ethnic nationals. The State Counsellor’s visit to Kachin State on this auspicious day encapsulates the loving affection, unity, harmony, and mutual communication shared by the people living there.
We believe strong relations with ethnic nationals will help bring about peace and uniform development in the whole of Myanmar.

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