Our mission of building the nation will never die aborning!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • “An oar is broken while rowing a boat,” as a Myanmar saying goes, and we also say that “We will row with our arms, if the oar is broken.” These two sayings seem to be different, but if carefully considered, they are found to be closely related. The first one describes a current situation and the second urges us not to stop rowing in the middle of the waters, and to proceed to the bank by using our arms as oars. All beings including animals have to work for their survival, at least the work of searching for food. Unlike those animals, we—human beings, unavoidably have a great burden of duties to perform, more and more as we grow older. Every animal has to do two kinds of jobs: one is to search for food for its survival and another is to serve humans as animals of prey and beasts of burden. There seems to be an element of hyperbole in such a claim that even a newly-born baby has two jobs. One is crying. Crying can be said to be searching for his or her food—the milk, for their survival. Another is to give parents, brothers and sisters, pleasure and happiness. Whenever they see faces of newly-born babies, and hear them cry, they are greatly pleased, by saying that their babies have stentorian voices. Accordingly, we say that the life of a married couple begins only after the first child is born.
    Teachers earn their living by devoting their lives to teaching. They earn their living by teaching, serving the country by producing technicians, scholars, politicians, and future leaders of the country. Some young men join the army to earn their living by serving the nation. Their job is to defend the country from aggressive enemies. Similarly, workers, doctors, politicians and lawyers are serving our communities, our society and our country, while at the same time earning salaries to support their families. Briefly, we are all workers who work for ourselves and for our communities. In the midst of these circumstances, we are seeing different types of people, unlike the above-said ones. Being self-centered persons, they are never ever considerate towards others. They are willing and ready to do as they wish. They will resort to any wicked and inhumane ways for their benefits. In fact, they never consider that their evil deeds will cast a gloomy shadow over their offspring and future generations.
    Nowadays, our leaders are making concerted efforts to bring about our long-hoped for national peace. National development plans are being implemented by the Union government. People are also wholeheartedly taking part in the campaigns by supporting or contributing their labor. In times like these, ignorance-overwhelmed selfish people are found to have committed murderous crimes. Their deeds are tantamount to showing that they do not care anything about rule of law. In fact, they should consider whether their children themselves would like to accept their parents’ cruel acts, as these villainous acts will one day ruin their names. These terrorists seem to neglect that there are many able bodied citizens among us who are willing and vigilant to protect the nation from harm. Students may fail in their exams once, but they will sit for their exams again and again till they achieve success. Likewise, the people may meet loss and failure in their attempts in social or economic affairs for one or more times. But they will never give up their aims and aspirations. Now, we are marching towards a modern and developed federal democratic Union, under the leadership of our chosen government, with a firm resolution. Just because of one senseless and inhuman act of some destructive elements, our mission of building the nation will never die aborning, that is, be destroyed while being born.
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