Outstanding beautiful artistic works in Hline Tsp

By Swe Oo Wai

The first person who came to tell the author was a niece who had been to No 4 ward of Hline Township, Yangon Region as a guest. The second person was a taxi driver and both of them brought the information and told the author about that. The next thing was the post uploaded to the social media by Daw May Thandar from the Department of Information and Public Relations Department in Hline Township. These conditions pushed the author into visiting there.
For that reason, the author contacted U Kyaw Kyaw Tun, the region Hluttaw representative representing Hline Township Constituency 1. U Kyaw Kyaw Tun came to wait for the author at Butaryone bus stop on Bayintnaung road on the day when an appointment was made. Meanwhile U Kyaw Kyaw Tun took the author by his car to a private school at Aye Yeik Mon Street in No 4 ward. Flower pots made with auto tyre in the shape of a coffee bowl were seen there. At that time, a man was painting the flower pots white and a group of broadcasting media arriving there earlier than the author was shooting there with the use of a video camera.

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U Kyaw Kyaw Tun is Yangon Region Hluttaw Representative representing Hline Township Constituency 1.

Stretch of hybrid toddy-palm and coconut tree
There is a big magnificent brick house in the other street of the private school. A stretch of hybrid toddy-palm and coconut trees can be seen on the green lawn on the platform in front of the big brick house. Impressive artistic works are on display by decorating on the hybrid toddy-palm tree and coconut trees. The artistic works are full of different bright colours. Every tree’s artistic work includes pictures of human, flower, bird, puppet and peacock and they look like a lively painting and they show the imagination and will of the artist.

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The photo shows a row of hybrid toddy-palm and coconut trees at Aye Yeik Mon Street in No 4 Ward in Hline Tsp.

With a desire to grow small flower plants
Regional Hluttaw representative U Kyaw Kyaw Tun said, “There are many separate brick houses on the road of Aye Yeik Mon Housing. We organized those living there to repair the platforms in the front of the brick houses of their own plan and negotiations were conducted. We want to see concrete, lawn and soil areas all on the platform. Small flower plants and benches are wanted to be grown as well for ensuring that the people can feel a pleasant sight sense. The flower plants called Nyo Pyar San have been grown. If they are in full bloom, they look pretty with violet colour. Our aim is that we would like the passers-by to get pleasant feelings. At the top of the street, two big flower pots are placed and star flowers are grown. The reason for growing the star flowers is that it can give us shade. Its blossoms are fragrant and they can be adorned. Anyone can earn an income of K2,000 or K3,000 a day if star flower blossoms picked up are bought. For that reason, our attention is focused on the growing of the star flowers. There is no risk of traffic in this street and there are also those who walk in the winter mornings. Street lamps are hung on the lamp-posts in the street for enabling the passers-by to see clearly in the daybreak.

With concerted efforts made
“The next thing I would like to tell is about hybrid toddy-palm and coconut trees. There is a total of 18 hybrid toddy-palm and coconut tree and their stems are black. It is an advice coming from the trishaw drivers and they suggested the bottom part of the trees should be painted. The six or seven feet high of the bottom part of the hybrid toddy-palm and coconut trees were painted white and then yellow. All of these are assisted by artist Ko Aung Lay who is working for ILBC as an instructor. We bought Ko Aung Lay necessary things as to the painting. Now the No 4 ward of Aye Yeik Mon Housing Street gives pleasures to the passers-by. All the residents feel satisfied with the artistic work created by Ko Aung Lay. It is the glad news that the move is meant for the people.”
“ We proceeded to Baho Street from there. It is the platform between Ywama Kyaung Street and Bayintnaung Street. Big flower pots decorated by colourfully are placed in a row. They are in the shape of two and half feet high coffee bowl with a handle and 16 inches opening. Paper flowers are planted in every flower pots. Well-wet leaves of every plant look verdant.”
Regarding the paper flowers, U Kyaw Kyaw Tun said, “Paper flowers are not expensive. The passers-by don’t recklessly pick the flowers and the plants are watered once every two days.”
The strange thing is the artistic work seen on every flower pot which is illustrated with children-like pictures including elephants, horses, owls, fish, monkey and flowers. Verdant plants and big colourful flower pots attract the attentions from the passers-by and the autos crossing Baho Street. It is a very good idea!

It’s likely to be costly
As regards, Hluttaw representative U Kyaw Kyaw Tun said, “We got this idea from Republic of Korea and Thailand. While we were in ROK, the pots are made of fibre. These are likely to be more costly and unsuitable for our country. These flower pots can be easily broken or damaged. While we were in Thailand, the flower pots are made of old tyres. The forms are different and we took photographs of them. Once we made a few inquiries about it by showing the photos, the tyre- related shop from Baho Street in Sangyoung Township, Yangon assured us that they could do. One old tyre cost K10,000 and it cannot be easily broken or damaged. The two tyres were placed separately 24 feet apart and a total of 15 old tyres are going to be stood. We expect 45 old tyres will be enough for the whole township.”
Duties must be assigned to Ko Aung Lay regarding the artworks. The painting charge for one old tyre is worth about K25,000 to K30,000. He is a Hline resident and he is giving us a hand with his outstanding artwork.

Decoration with colourful paints
Pointing to the brick wall beside the platform, U Kyaw Kyaw Tun added, “That brick wall will be decorated with colourful paints. Small short chairs will be arranged and 50 watt LED lamps will be electrified. Therefore the passers-by at night can see clearly and it may prevent risk of crimes. The flower pots will be placed up to 1,150 feet long platform and the platform is wide. If the walkers have a walk there and back, it will be good for health.

More beneficial to the public
He continued to say, “Bushes, roots of the trees, a row of shops, beer station, heaps of old things seem like a complicated sight. Actually these places are public area and so it should be beneficial to the public. For that reason, parks are created and flower pots are placed. See-saws, slopes and swings have been arranged. Sports gears have been installed for the elders to do exercises for health in cooperation with Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC). In the past, such public area was very rare to see. Such moves will be beneficial to the public in the future.”

Fulfilling to the places in need
“When our government started taking office, Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein said Yangon would be created to be a clean, pleasant and beautiful city. As part of measures to help succeed this ambition, we are engaging in the implementation of Yangon to be a pleasant city by doing our bit,” said U Kyaw Kyaw Tun.

Doing our bit
After the author had a chat with Hluttaw representative U Kyaw Kyaw Tun and took the photograph of necessary records, he remembered the words U Kyaw Kyaw Tun mentioned along the street. The author remarked that Yangon would certainly be a clean, pleasant and beautiful city as Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein mentioned if township authorities, township development affairs committees, donors and artists make collaborative effort.  Translated by Htut Htut (Twantay)

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