Over 1.12 mln residents in Mandalay check voters’ lists posted for second time

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Picture shows Mandalay Region Election Sub-Commission office in Mandalay. Photo: Than Zaw Min (IPRD)

A total of 1,126,710 residents in Mandalay Region came to check their names on electoral roll posted for the second time, and 179,828 of them are submitted for correction, objection, and request to be on electoral registration, according to Mandalay Regional Election Sub-Commission.
Among them, 114,790 residents in the region have submitted their requests to be on registration with Form 3, 18,905 have submitted for objection regarding voters listed on the registration with Form 4, and 46,133 have requested the corrections for voter identification, said U Shein Win, chair of Mandalay regional Election Sub-Commission.
The corrections must be made before the Election Day. There should not be any error in the revised version, which will be sent to the ward/village commission team, he continued.
The registered voters’ lists were posted for 4,578,813 eligible voters in Mandalay Region between 25 July and 14 August. After revision of the list, 4,784,288 eligible voters are updated in the second round between 1 and 14 October. Among them, a total of 17,982 residents sent correction, objection and registration requests. Those lists are still being updated, and they will be sent to the relevant ward and village sub-commissions.
Mandalay Region had 4,424,727 eligible voters and over 5,400 polling stations in the 2015 General Election, and 3,223,845 voters cast the ballots, and only 72.86 per cent of the electorate voted, the regional sub-commission reported.—Than Zaw Min (IPRD) (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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