Over 100 COVID-19 patients recover every day at Inya COVID centre

Covid inya NS
Covid- positive patients are receiving treatment at the Inya Centre.

The Inya centre in Yangon provides treatment for COVID-19 disease, and there is an urgent need for liquid oxygen donors despite the oxygen supply by the Government.
The 550-bedded Inya COVID-19 centre has a total of 48 rooms that are equipped with oxygen pipelines. If the rooms can be facilitated with the liquid oxygen-supplied vehicles for replenishment, the difficulties patients face at present will be solved.
Today, the closest people to help patients are members of the charities, some of whom are infected and need help to get oxygen supply from the factory. Hence, oxygen donation can effectively support the healthcare providers, volunteers and patients.
More than 100 patients are reportedly recovering every day at the Inya Centre and Oxygen donors are needed because the liquid oxygen can be used all at once to save patients’ lives, according to 63-year-old Thant Zin from the Zamani Myanmar charity, who was allowed to return home after recovering from the COVID-19 disease.
Although the Government is providing the required oxygen to hospitals and COVID centres, there are deaths due to the shortage of oxygen in the Inya COVID centre where hundreds of patients need supplemental oxygen every day.
The liquid oxygen tank connected to the central bar converts the fluid from liquid to gas, providing clean oxygen and preventing lung damage. The Government has also provided the imported 12 oxygen vehicles to hospitals and COVID centres. Some donors are importing the liquid oxygen vehicles from Thailand which contain 25 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen worth 24 million kyats per vehicle and can be used for 2,000 people for two weeks.
In the current oxygen need, the price of an oxygen cylinder rises to K250,000 from K150,000, due to the unnecessary storage of oxygen by the people. Since anxiety is not the answer to the current health problems, avoiding over-storage of oxygen and medication unnecessarily can help those who are suffering from overcoming the COVID-19 third wave.
People are also facing difficulties to buy paracetamols and oral rehydration salts due to the shortage of medicines.U Thant Zin added if UMFCCI and BPI cooperate to provide necessary medicines to the COVID Centres, the current basic medicine problem could be solved. — Kanu/GNLM

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