Over 2 mln gallons of fuel oil unloaded at terminals of Thilawa Port

MT Intan Premium loaded with fuel oil is seen approaching a terminal.

MT Intan Premier ship carrying over 8 million gallons of fuel oil docked at Thilawa Port and fuel oil unloading process is being undertaken from 1 October, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
The ship unloaded over 2.09 million gallons of Octane 92 and 0.17 million gallons of Octane 95 at the terminals of Thilawa Port.
The price of Octane 92 plunged below K1,900 per litre in the market. The market price is K1,880 per litre of Octane 92. On 28 September, MT Synergy ship unloaded a total of 8.6 million gallons of fuel oil; 2.45 million gallons of Octane 92 and 6.14 million gallons of premium diesel, while MT Yu Yi ship, 4.03 million gallons of diesel and MT Harmony One oil tanker, 2.13 million gallons of Octane 92.
Only Octane prices dipped in the fuel market of Yangon. The prices of fuel oil stood at K1,880 per litre of Octane 92, K1,950 for Octane 95, K2,480 for diesel and K2,565 for premium diesel, according to the Supervisory Committee on Oil Import, Storage and Distribution of Fuel Oil. — TWA/GNLM

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