Over 300 golden ruddy shelducks migrate near Ayeyawady River in Magway

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Picture shows migratory birds in Magway Region. Photo: Zayyartu (Magway)

More than 300 golden ruddy shelducks (Tadorna ferruginea) migrate near Ayeyawady River in Magway town, rich in crystal clear water and algae, said U Tin Win, the township head of Magway Forest Department.
“The golden ruddy shelducks are annually migrating in the last week of December. We have recorded more than 300 golden hummingbirds this year. Last year, there were around 500 golden ruddy shelducks. More golden ruddy shelducks are expected to reach sooner or later. They migrated for foods. Ayeyawady River has the crystal clear water and algae,” he added.
The migrated golden ruddy shelducks are living, dividing among themselves into three groups. They are hunting the food in the early morning, in the afternoon, and the evening. They are seen to be playing with water.
The nature of golden ruddy shelducks is that it spends the winter in small bands such as streams and creeks with clean water and algae rather than flowing rivers. When they sleep at night, they usually stay under the pits and saplings, not far away from the lake.
“When we asked the residents, they said that the golden ruddy shelducks usually arrive in the last week of December and go back in April. The residents are not sure where they move back to. The golden ruddy shelducks usually consume the algae. The residents also love to see them,” said the head of Magway Forest Department.
The golden ruddy shelducks are listed in the endangered species. Those who kill them shall be faced with a sentence of up to seven to 10 years’ imprisonment or K1 million fine or both. Last year, the bird poachers arrived at those places. So this year, the forest department is taking precautionary measures. And, the department is giving awareness to the residents regarding the conservation.
There are many migratory birds in Magway township. Now, we have assigned the staff from the forest department, and they are patrolling around the places where the waterfowl birds and winter birds migrate. —Zayyatu (Magway) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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