Over 5,000 tonnes of illegal timber seized in Sagaing Region


With the illegal timber extraction rampant during coronavirus pandemic period in Sagaing Region, authorities are exerting greatest efforts and thus over 5,000 tonnes of illegal timbers were seized from October to April in this fiscal year 2019-2020, according to the Sagaing Region Forest Department.
During the coronavirus infection period, the illegal timbers were confiscated in Sagaing, Shwebo, Monywa, Katha, Kalay, Mawlaik, Khamti and Tamu districts.
“Over 5,000 tonnes of illegal timbers were confiscated in Sagaing Region from October to April in this FY. Although we expected that the illegal timber extraction would decline because other businesses were also suspended in this period. However, the illegal timber extraction does not decline,” said an official from Forest Department in Sagaing Region.
During the coronavirus pandemic, the authorities have taken action against a total of 1,380 cases in Sagaing. Most of the seized illegal timbers are ownerless. The Forest Department filed charges against 218 cases while 174 cases had legal action taken. The department also arrested 483 offenders, who felled the trees illegally.
The department has seized a total of 26.6744 tonnes of illegal timber in Sagaing district, 1,004.1357 tonnes in Shwebo, 734.9195 tonnes in Monywa, 1087.4340 tonnes in Katha, 1352.7094 tonnes in Kalay, 689.1516 tonnes in Mawlaik, 453.1152 tonnes in Khamti and 103.5866 tonnes in Tamu districts. —Aye Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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