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Over 50,000 tonnes of sugarcane exported to China via Ruili

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The Muse 105th-Mile Trade Zone.

A total of seven sugarcane trucks have entered China through the Muse 105th-Mile trade Zone, and more than 50,000 tonnes of sugarcane have been exported via Ruili (Shweli).
Since the Muse 105th-Mile Trade Zone allowed trading trucks from Myanmar and China to enter on 15 May, it was learned that seven sugarcane trucks have entered China via the Kyinsankyawt checkpoint. Sugarcane trucks will be allowed to enter the crossing until the end of May. China has built a new route for sugarcane trucks to enter China, and the exportation will continue while there are only a few days left to export, according to a businessman.
Due to the road construction, sugarcane trucks were accepted late, and traders are reportedly facing financial losses due to the overturn of the trucks because of the rain.
A total of 5,440 tonnes of sugarcane (2.448502 million yuan) has been exported within one month since the reopening of the Ruili- land border, a gateway to China. — TWA/GNLM

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