Over 600,000 acres of monsoon paddy grown in Sagaing Region

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A total of 5,476 acres of land in Sagaing district are moonsoon paddy fields.  Photo : Win Oo (Zayyartine)

A total of 604,933 acres of monsoon paddy were grown in ten districts of Sagaing region and other townships of Naga self-administered zone in 2019-2020 financial year, said U Win Hlaing Oo, regional head from the Agriculture Department. “The department is sharing the growing method and protection method of the crops. Also, the department is providing awareness courses to the local farmers for the growing methods which are suitable for the weather condition. Out of over 18 targeted acres, one third of the monsoon paddy plantations have already been put under cultivation in the region. Additionally, we are growing the remaining monsoon paddy. To meet the target, the agriculture department staff went to the paddy farms to cooperate with the local farmers,” he added.
The monsoon paddy was cultivated on 5,476 acres of land in Sagaing district, 8,439 acres in Monywa district, 51,659 acres in Yinmabin district, 93,817 acres in Shwebo district, 47,037 acres in Kanbalu district, 231,885 acres in Katha district, 67,941 acres in Kalay district, 27,910 acres in Tamu district, 27,850 acres in Mawlaik district, 18,699 acres in Kani district and 24,220 acres in Naga self-administered region.—Win Oo (Zayyartine) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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