Overcome challenges ahead with resilience

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With total COVID-19 cases reaching 182 and six deaths so far, the Union Government decided to extend the Stay-at-Home order to 31st May. It means the people need to continue staying home and following social distancing protocols. We still need to remain vigilant.
This was not an easy decision. We understand that this has been difficult for everyone. Businesses need to reopen. People want to end this self-isolation and we want to return to normal. But, this virus is potentially deadly, especially for the elderly and those with chronic diseases.
182 infection cases is not many in comparison with other countries. Thanks to the united efforts of the people and the authorities, we can contain the spread of the virus and save lives.
Meanwhile, in certain areas, restrictions have been relaxed and it was needed to constantly monitor the resulting consequences. There needed to be a correct balance in giving relaxations and imposing restrictions.
That doesn’t mean we let up. It’s exactly why we do not. It’s why two additional weeks of stay-home guidelines are necessary. Impatience leads to fear.
We can live with a May 31st target date. Can’t we? For the health and safety of vulnerable populations, we can.
Still, we need to be alert and active with the understanding that “people’s participation is a must” and assist in overcoming the challenges. Strength and maturity can be attained by facing new experiences.
After five months periods into COVID-1 fighting, it is found that actions taken by the government against the disease are the same with the advice given by international experts today. We could be proud of this fact.
To overcome challenges ahead not only in coming months but also for the post COVID-19 period, it is necessary to take into consideration the needs of the people and their resilience.
We are confident that our people can come through this crisis, and also come out more resilient at the other end. So let us all be resilient, to overcome challenges ahead.

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