Overseas employment agencies face punishment for tax evasion fraud

OWIC card issuing station (Mayangon)
OWIC card issuing station (Mayangon)

Overseas employment agencies will be severely punished if fraud is found in their tax evasion accounts, Safe Migration has warned.
All such agencies are required to submit the list of overseas worker identification cards (OWIC) and the list of workers actually sent abroad during the 2023-2024 financial year in the prescribed form to [email protected] by 17 May. If they fail to comply with it, they will be liable to pay tax based on the sending list by country and OWIC list prepared by the department.
Safe Migration also advised the agencies to check the actual list of labourers sent to Thailand via Myawady and Kawthoung under the MOU or U-Turn system in 2023-2024 and also to verify the lists of OWIC acquired for other countries.
For OWIC lists, they need to be submitted in the attached forms after being categorized according to job positions for Japan and Singapore. Zero-cost workers must be separated into their respective countries. In describing the zero-cost labour list, the table mentioning the name of the agency, the name of the overseas company, the address (email, phone number) and the number of workers sent must be attached to the schedule in Telegram, which allows to apply for OWIC. When describing the list of U-turns for Japan, the worker’s particulars, old OWIC card copy, and new OWIC card copy are also required to be submitted.
If there are any discrepancies in country-wise lists without applying for OWIC by the agency or if there are any inconsistencies in the data, the agency must visit the responsible official at the Dagon Myothit (North) office for justification and recommendation, which is also required to be submitted in an attachment. When they want to delete any sent labour list for various reasons, they will have to submit with the endorsed letter for returning OWIC cards to the officer of Dagon Myothit (North), it said. — MT/ZN/ED

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