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Oxygen plant, warehouse construction in Tamu finished 70 per cent

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Already-arrived machines of oxygen plant are ready to generate oxygen for the people in Tamu.

The construction of oxygen plant and warehouse has finished by 70 per cent in the precinct of Bawdi Tawya monastery in Tamu, Sagaing region, said Ko Aung Chan Thu, a member of Tamu Town Oxygen Plant Construction Committee.
The project started in the third week of August and has completed by 70 per cent, so far.
“The buildings are under construction. There are two construction sites—building for factory and warehouse—to keep the oxygen cylinders. The construction project is scheduled to be completed within two weeks. But, it is heavy rain in Tamu town and we could not work for four or five days. The foundation of the project was completed. The machines to operate the oxygen plant have already arrived. So far, the construction of O2 plant is now 70 per cent complete. The construction works were initiated in the third week of August,” said Ko Aung Chan Thu.
The total cost of the two construction sites is estimated to be about K35 million. It also costs US$57,000 for an oxygen machine and $19,000 for a generator. The whole project is being carried out with contributions from the local residents and volunteers.
The oxygen machine was purchased from China in the second week of July and arrived in Tamu town on 3 September.
Upon completion of the project, the oxygen plant will be able to produce about 200 40-liters oxygen cylinders a day and it can be fulfill the oxygen requirement in the town.—Lulay/GNLM

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