Pa-O National Organization (PNO) party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Pa O National Organization PNO
Pa-O National Organization (PNO) party
Pa-O National Organization (PNO) Central Executive Committee Member Nang Yee Yee Win presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Firstly, I would like to talk about the Pa-O National Organization (PNO) before delving into our policies, stance and work programmes. Even though we are named the Pa-O National Organization, we have been working together with all ethnic groups living together with us from the time of struggle for independence up to this day with no discrimination.
Our contribution to ethnic security, road networks, electricity, sufficient drinking water, primary businesses, education, healthcare and social affairs can be observed through the development and changes in the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone and related areas.
Next, I wish to explain the history of our party. There are 135 distinct ethnic groups in Myanmar, and the Pa-O are the seventh-largest ethnic nationality in the list. We can be found residing in Shan State, Kayah State, Mon State, Kayin State, Bago Region and Mandalay Region. The Pa-O have actively participated in rebelling against colonialism, fascist Japanese and the struggle for independence. The Pa-O national leader U Phyu also signed one of the objectives of Myanmar independence, the Panglong Agreement.
After the Second World War, many people around the world began to have political awakenings and the Pa-O established the Pa-O Union in 1947, also called the Pa-O Lwaung Buu, and reorganized as the Union Pa-O National Organization in 1950. They contested in the elections in 1952, 1956, 1960 and 1990 and won a parliamentary seat in the 1956 election and three seats in the other polls.
The Pa-O National Organization was formed after a unanimous decision was made at the fifth conference to create a party that represents the entire Pa-O ethnic group in the 2010 Multiparty General Elections. PNO contested in the 2010 and 2015 elections and won 10 seats for ten constituencies with the unity and support of residents. They have witnessed the PNO Hluttaw representatives who were elected in both elections fulfil their duties within the Hluttaw, in the leading body of the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone and in developmental processes outside the Hluttaw.
We prioritize education and have initiated educational action plans as a public movement since 1991. We have fulfilled the requirements of teachers and have increased the number of graduating youths every year who go on to accomplish their duties in various fields. The efforts of the Hluttaw representatives and cooperation from the public have resulted in development in multiple sectors. The representative candidates will continue to maintain the rate of growth in addition to improving standards of living and economic development. PNO will compete with the motto “Lo mu jipwar yam htanghtoounwangsawtmaenagaryo” which translates to “Vote the dragon for socio-economic development” for the success of PNO in the coming election.

The party’s stance is as follows:
1. We will maintain the three national causes in line with the Constitution.
2. Pa-O nationals will work hard to share challenges and benefits with other ethnic groups and implement fairness, freedom, equality to achieve peace, prosperity and ethnic rights.
3. We will work hard to develop a multi-party democracy system and nurture the Union spirit from genuine nationalism in ethnic equality regardless of regional location.
4. We will contribute to establishing a democratic federal union that every ethnic group is hoping for.
Our party’s objective summarized is mutual respect and equality among all the ethnic groups across the nation will perpetuate genuine nationalism and peaceful coexistence that shares the challenges and benefits within a legal framework. Developing human resources will balance out urban and rural social and regional development. We will move towards a modern and developed new Republic of the Union of Myanmar in substantial unity.

The party’s seven work programmes are as follows:
1. To preserve Pa-O language, literature, culture, customs and traditions, national identities and historical heritage and develop them to pass down prestigious heritage to the next generation.
2. To implement mutual respect and regional stability and peace, with ethnic solidarity and peaceful coexistence in mind.
3. To advocate for more youth and women inclusiveness in political leadership roles.
4. To work together with other ethnic groups in establishing a democratic federal union that guarantees fundamental human rights and democratic rights.
5. To prioritize healthcare, education, infrastructure and human resources for regional all-rounded development.
6. To strengthen businesses based on information and technology with minimum harm to the natural environment.
7. To fully receive the authority of the self-administered zone as stipulated in the Constitution, and to achieve the rights of Pa-O people which correspond to the characteristics of Pa-O, with serious consideration of three main causes.
The party emphasizes ethnic solidarity and peaceful coexistence with mutual respect. We will not be contesting nationwide but rather in areas with large Pa-O residents. We will put forward more youth and female candidates as part of our aim to ensure them to participate in the role of political leadership. If our party representatives get elected, then we will strive for equal rights for all ethnic groups in the Hluttaw. We will also cooperate with the Hluttaw representatives who will arrive for national development. We will work together with the new government administration for national development as well.
We request members of the public to cast your votes for candidates from our party and support them at the General Election on 8 November 2020. Our party’s flag is the national flag of Pa-O, and our symbol is an entire dragon going steadfast towards its objective. In the Pa-O language motto of “Lo mu jipwar yam htanghtoounwangsawtmaenagaryo” which translates to “Vote the dragon for socio-economic development.”
In conclusion, please use the precious single ballot you will receive to vote for Pa-O National Organization to reach the Hluttaw at the General Elections on 8 November 2020. May all citizens be happy and prosperous!

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