Paddy husk gasifiers installed at 543 rice mills in Ayeyawady Region

The Ayeyawady Region installed paddy husk gasifiers at 543 rice mills and now has 156.6 MW of power generation in the region.
The power generation rate using paddy husk in the region is 156.6 MW -108.6 MW at 453 rice mills each generates 0.2 MW, 6 MW at two rice husk boiler plants with Stream Turbine (Willmar 2.2 MW, Mapco 1.8 MW, SSBE 1.0 MW), 12 MW from 24 paddy husk-fired plants developed by Global Earth Agro & Aqua Industry Public Co Ltd in Pantanaw Township, 42 MW from two (30 MW) paddy husk boiler stream turbines.
A total of 543 rice mills run their operations using gasifiers while four rice husk boiler steam engines generate power in the region. Moreover, the region uses gasifiers to pump water in agricultural sectors and at the fish farming sites.
The gasifier is mainly used at the rice mills and other industries in inaccessible areas to the national grid and certain areas that do not get adequate power.
The biofuel produced by Gasifier can reduce the impacts of climate change and bring solutions to energy needs, and so the Ministry of Science and Technology works together with MSMEs that use gasifier and experts to establish gasifiers across the nation systematically. — ASH/KTZH

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