Pagodas including Shwedagon packed with pilgrims on full moon of Tazaungmone

On Tazaungmone full moon day, it was recognized as a day of Samañaphala marking the day on which Buddha delivered Samañaphala Sutta to King Ajatasattu. Stars and constellations are in perfect condition on the full moon day of Tazaungmone and lighting festivals are also held.
The Samañaphala Day ceremony was held at Shwedagon Pagoda by the pagoda board of trustees yesterday. The pagoda board of trustees, staff and religious organizations donated alms meals, flowers, water, fruits and oil lamps at the pavilion first.
Then, they offered golden lotus robes to five Buddha images after going round the pagoda clockwise. They took Nine Precepts from the State Ovada Cariya Sayadaw of the Shwedagon Pagoda Board of Trustees and donated offerings to Sayadaws. They shared merits after donating day meals to Sayadaws.
The oil lamps were offered to the Shwedagon Pagoda in the evening.
Similarly, the 38th Mathoe robe donation ceremony of Botahtaung Pagoda and the Buddha consecration Consecration and Paritta reciting ceremonies of Thiri Mingala Kaba Aye Pagoda were held on the same morning.
Moreover, boards of trustees of famous pagodas in the Yangon Region offered alms meals, flowers, water, candles and fruits to pagodas and held Samañaphala Day ceremonies on the full moon day of Tazaungmone. People across the nation celebrated Mathoe robe donation ceremonies, alms meals donation ceremonies, Paritta reciting ceremonies and Kathina festivals.
Moreover, lighting festivals were also held at offices, wards and streets and places were crowded with people for funfairs. People’s Square, Maha Bandoola Park and other significant places were also decorated with colourful light bulbs. — Ko Ko Zaw, Kyaw Soe Win/GNLM

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