Pagodas, temples in Yangon Region reopen today

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People waiting for boats to visit Kyauktan mid-stream pagoda.

The pagodas and temples in Yangon Region, which have been closed temporarily because of the outbreak of COVID-19, are reopening on 30 July, according to the regional government. However, the pagodas’ boards of trustees from the reopening pagodas and temples have been informed to follow the rules and regulations in line with the health guidelines adopted by the Ministry of Health and Sports.
To visit the pagodas and temples located in downtown Yangon, the inspection team led by the regional Minister for Social Affairs, will check those reopened pagodas and temples. The related General Administration Departments will also check to enable the reopening of the pagodas and temples outside of Yangon region.The regional government has ordered to reopen the pagodas and temples in downtown Yangon on 30 July even though the inspected team has not completed its inspection process. However, the regional government will continue to inspect the pagodas and temples whether they are following the health guidelines. Shwedagon Pagoda was closed on 10 April 2020 because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Similarly, the authorities have closed other pagodas and temples in April to prevent the pagodas and temples from being crowded.—Zin Yaw Aye (Translated by Hay Mar)

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