Painting agriculture as a promising profession

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DESPITE its heavy dependence on agriculture, our country has seen more and more young rural people leave farming as they have witnessed the extent of the poverty their ancestors have struggled with. Worse, people have come to portray the business of agriculture as a profession for the poor. It is absolutely vital to reverse the economic and social declines in rural areas.
Successive governments have placed the issue of agricultural development at the top of their agenda. Even then, farmers still have still had to eke out their livings, though they have been working themselves to the bone to feed the country. It is, therefore, crucial that the government realise that the success of the fight against poverty rests with its management to ensure that farmers enjoy proportionate returns for their agricultural output.
As an agricultural country, Myanmar has a long tradition of regarding farmers as beneficent.
However, in today’s reality, our neglect of the welfare of farmers amounts to biting the hand that feeds us. The
government should direct its efforts at providing technical support and financial assistance to farmers so as to unlock the full potential of agriculture. In doing so, what matters most is to develop a strategy for improving the quality of rural life by painting the agricultural sector as a promising profession.

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