Palace of Hsenwi Sawbwa to be restored

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The palace of Hsenwi Sawbwa seen at Hsenwi town, northern Shan State.

The palace of Hsenwi Sawbwa and culture heritage will be restored in Hsenwi town, northern Shan state to boost the number of tourists, it is learnt.
“If we can restore such culture heritage, most of the tourists will come and visit there. Our region can earn the revenue from the tourists. Our local people who are selling the traditional food and handicrafts will get the job opportunities. We will restore Shan palace and culture heritage with the aim of developing our region,” said Daw Nan Khin Htar Yee, Shan state Hluttaw MP from Constituency 1 in Hsenwi township.
“I just know that Hsenwi has many culture heritages. I am proud to be a resident of. I want to invite all of you to visit our town,” said Ma Nan Yin Kyawt, a local resident from Hsenwi town.
There is a well the water of which does not run out of the whole year in the compound of five-tier monastery. Moreover, there are many traditional foods of Hsenwi town, Shan palace and graveyard and, waterfall.

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