PaO National Organization Party paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy ceremony

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U Khun Aung Kyaw

Greetings and well wishes for health and prosperity to all personalities who are attending the 2018 International Day of Democracy ceremony. I am U Khun Aung Kyaw from the PaO National Organization Party.
It’s learnt that International Parliamentary Union (IPU) decided to hold International Day of Democracy in 2007 on September 15, and Myanmar has been celebrating International Democracy Day for 8 times. As for Myanmar, the purpose of holding this day means, “We cherish democracy and Myanmar is a democratic State”. We all understand and accept that “Democracy is a system where people can choose and elect the government they cherish”. But there are many different types of democratic systems that have been adopted in many countries. The main point that we need to take into consideration is building a democratic nation suitable for our political situation, historical background and cultural conditions.
The standard of democracy can be defined as “freedom, equality and discipline”, thus it is duty bound for the people to safeguard the essence of democracy and instill and promote the democracy spirit among themselves, and the government and people should abide by the norms and ethics of democracy. We can create a disciplined democratic country by safeguarding the essence of democracy together.
In this regard, our PaO National Organization Party wants to say that there is no absolute sound system in politics. There is always pros and cons, and we have to admit that we are facing many challenges and obstacles in the democratization process, although a democratic system is being practiced in our country. It is a challenge that can be experienced in the tender stage of democratic system and transition period, especially in states where democracy is just emerging. As for the government and people, efforts have to be made to find ways and means of dealing with the issue of practicing democratic ways. It is duty bound for the government as well as the people to tackle this issue, because people have power and the government is also responsible for it in a democratic system.
Now is the time for our country to march towards a genuine democratic federal State through a multi-party democratic system. We have to reinforce a democratic system while moving forward to a federal State. The path that leads to a federal State will not be strong if the democratic foundation is weak. Because we have to take into consideration power sharing, diversity and minority rights that derives from a democratic system based on minority practicing democracy. Therefore, it is needed to reinforce the democratic system that is being practiced for the time being, so that we can build our Democratic Federal Union.
As the motto goes, “Let’s all lend a hand in making democracy thrive”, our PaO National Organization Party is making efforts for the democratic system to flourish, in cooperation with our national races. I would like to conclude my paper by praying that our country may gain rapid development and bear fruitful results from the 21st Century Panglong Conference, thereby, building a Democratic Federal Union together.

Thank you.

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