Paper by student youths read at 2018 International Democracy Day ceremony

KYS 1852 copy
Shwe Ma Ma Maung.

Greetings and well wishes to honorable Speakers of Hluttaws, Union Ministers, Hluttaw representatives and guests. The title of the paper read on the occasion of International Democracy Day that fell on 15 September 2018 is,“Assist and guide for sustainable democracy.” In practising a democracy system, rule of law, internal security and strengthening of the basic laws are very important. Furthermore, everyone knew that a most successful democracy will only come about when there is no corruption. To protect and maintain the democracy achieved is the duty of the entire Myanmar nationals including the students.
All nationals know that democracy will not come about on its own. Now is the moment when Myanmar is increasing the momentum of its walk down the path of democracy. As it is very important not to go down the wrong path, a good leader is necessary. It is difficult to defend democracy with one or two leaders. It is important to have many good leaders.
New generation students who will sustain and develop Myanmar’s democracy society are going down the path of democracy correctly. Ministry of Education is also implementing works toward a democracy system education.
To be successful in this implementation works, students need to cherish both fiction and non-fiction literature while becoming experts on specialized subjects. They need to strive towards becoming exemplary in having good moral, abide by rules and laws, and to be on par internationally. Only then can they get a true democracy education.
Everyone knows that at the moment, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself is meeting directly with students and holding literature talks for students to cherish fiction literature. It is to show that knowledge gained from fiction literature will provide knowledge and balanced thinking that benefit the majority of the people. Everyone also knows that students from all regions are enthusiastically following the discussions led by the State Counsellor. To see the literature knowledge of the students and their will towards development must be an encouraging force for the state. New generation students must strive towards becoming good leaders for the country in the future. The good habit of a democracy system – mutual respect, understanding, discussion and cooperation were being exercised and established. The students are striving towards not only improving themselves but also their surroundings for the development of a democracy nation. Democracy mindsets are being instilled in the students by encouraging students in universities and colleges to participate enthusiastically in non-curriculum activities.
As good practices of democracy are being applied, youths are sure to cherish and maintain democracy.
Even though Myanmar transition process started quite recently, it is developing peacefully and gently while gaining strength toward establishing a democratic political system. During this transition process, protecting and maintaining the democratic rights are the duty of all nationals as well as the students. All students and youths are to participate in this as a historical duty.
I would like to conclude by wishing that the honourable, knowledgeable, skilled persons and guests work together with the people, including the students in realizing the title of the paper “Assist and guide for sustainable democracy.”

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