Parliament and democracy

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The word “parliament” literally means a group of people who are elected to make and change the laws of a country, according to some dictionaries.  In addition, it also debates bills and raises questions on work of other branches of the state. For example, a parliament also works with other pillars of state like administrative and judicial branches through the checks and balances system in most democratic countries.
Therefore, it is undeniable that a parliament plays the most important role in a democracy and is the lifeblood of democracy. It can also be said that the parliament and democracy are the two sides of a coin. They cannot be strengthened separately. Therefore, it is important to pay due importance to a parliament, if a country is building a democratic system. The importance of a parliament can also be seen from the fact that most political analysts measure the strength of democracy of a country by studying how strong the country’s parliament is. They believe that the stronger the legislature, the stronger the democracy is.
Therefore, politicians are required to pay due respect to the parliament and everything said and done at parliament sessions should reflect the interests of the country and the people and truth. Otherwise, democracy will be undermined.

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