Past failures must not be repeated


Foreign governments and international aid agencies have generously contributed supplies for recovery efforts in the wake of the severe floods that have devastated several regions across the country.
It is therefore incumbent on the governing bodies to exercise management muscle in providing humanitarian assistance in the form of emergency healthcare, water, food, shelter, hygiene kits and
water-purification tablets.
However, the lessons from the delayed response to Cyclone Nargis by the previous government in May 2008 still appear to cast lingering doubts on the reliability of this democratic government.
No matter what, it is an opportune time for the government to dispel any public doubts regarding previous failures. In doing so, the central government should redouble its efforts to ensure relief items reach the hands of flood-affected communities across the country.
In addition, local governments should provide logistical support and help international and local aid agencies and other rescue teams with the delivery of emergency supplies and the provision of healthcare in inaccessible locations.
During this terrible time, the exigencies for the authorities are not to let history repeat itself. It will definitely take considerable time for flood-hit regions to return to normal, since recovery efforts will surely involve monitoring the situation, repairing damaged water and sewerage systems, and helping victims to recover and rebuild their lives.

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