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Patthana recitation conducted at Botahtaung Pagoda to be free from natural disasters

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The Patthana recitation is being conducted in the area of NannOo Pagoda.

The Patthana recitation ceremony was held in the area of the NannOo Pagoda on the square of the Botahtaung Kyaikdeatt Pagoda in Yangon at 9 am on 10 May.
The ceremony was opened with a three-time recitation of Namo Tassa, and the Sayadaw of the Padamyar Monastery and the Sayadaw of the Saytiyaparla Monastery in Botahtaung Township respectfully invited the celestial beings by reciting verses. The congregation received the Five Precepts from the Sayadaw of the Ponnya Thukha Monastery afterwards.
Then, the Sayadaw of the Datmee Monastery in Botahtaung Township, Yangon, recited a verse of exhortation to recite Patthana. Finally, the Sayadaw and the congregation recited Patthana to be free from natural disasters. — Htun Htun/CT

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